Careers Education is an important tool for empowering students to make well-informed, thoughtfully considered decisions about the many post-school destinations available to them. Transitioning from school to work or tertiary study is made easier if students feel confident in their decisions and ability to formulate a career action plan.

The Careers Adviser works closely with all students to ensure that they receive targeted advice and up-to-date information. Individual students are encouraged to make appointments with the Careers Adviser to discuss their career options.

Careers information is also disseminated via:

  • presentations to Year groups by guest speakers from universities, private providers and Gap organisations
  • the College Bulletin
  • the College's Careers website

In Year 10 students undertake a careers assessment program that assists students to begin exploring suitable career options; understand their preferred learning style and receive feedback on their learning strengths. The careers assessment profile also assists Year 10 to make suitable and informed subject selections for Years 11 and 12.

Students in Year 8 participate in a Careers Education program delivered through formal lessons once per class per cycle. Independent research shows that the sooner a young person begins to consider their future career the more likely they will be to attain their goals and ultimately reach their potential. By Year 8 the majority of students are beginning to assert their independence, they have an increasing awareness of what they are good at and what they enjoy doing. Therefore, the intention of the Year 8 Careers Program is to direct students increasing self-awareness, and recognition of their role in the world towards setting and fostering long term career goals. As well, the Year 8 Careers program will assist students in other ways such as with their decisions when making their Stage 5 subjects; creating their own CVs and managing their social media footprint.

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