Years Seven and Eight (Stage 4)

Students follow a common curriculum comprising Religious Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Languages (French or Italian), Technology, Visual Arts, Music and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.

Years Nine and Ten (Stage 5)

Students follow a core curriculum which comprises Religious Studies, English, Mathematics, Science, Australian History, Australian Geography, Civics and Citizenship and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education. Additional studies reflecting the students’ abilities and interests are chosen from Commerce, Dance, Design and Technology, Drama, French, Geography, History, Italian, iSTEM, Music, Photography and Digital Media, Physical Activity and Sports Studies, Textiles Technology, Food Technology and Visual Arts.

Years Eleven and Twelve
(Stage 6)

All students must undertake courses in Studies of Religion and English.

Additional studies offered at St Vincent’s College are:

English Advanced (2U), English Standard (2U), English Extension 1 (1U), English Extension 2, Mathematics Standard 1 and 2 (2U), Mathematics (2U), Mathematics Extension 1 (1U), Physics (2U), Chemistry (2U), Biology (2U), Design & Technology (2U), Economics, Textiles Technology (2U), Earth & Environmental Science (2U), Society & Culture (2U), Studies of Religion (1U), Studies of Religion (2U), Ancient History (2U), Modern History (2U), Business Studies (2U), Legal Studies (2U), French Continuers (2U), Drama (2U), Dance (2U), PDHPE (2U), Community and Family Studies (2U), Visual Arts (2U), Entertainment Industry (VET course), Music Course 1 (2U), Music Course 2 (2U), TAFE Delivered VET courses (2U), Hospitality Curriculum Framework TAFE delivered (2U)

Year Twelve

Additional extension courses are offered to Year 12 students including:

Mathematics Extension 2 (1U), English Extension 2 (1U), History Extension (1U), French Extension (1U) and Music Extension (1U).

Learning Support

At St Vincent’s College we recognise that each child is unique and each child has different gifts, abilities, interests and styles of learning. Academic Care is central in the education of the girls at St Vincent’s and involves enhancing student learning, well-being and resilience through academic processes and practices which are sympathetic to student needs. The Diverse Learning Team works in collaboration with staff across the College to ensure the whole range of student abilities and needs is catered for so that each girl has the opportunity to achieve her personal best.

As St Vincent's College is not academically selective we are ready and able to support students requiring extension or extra support in all or some of their subjects.

St Vincent’s College offers students from Year 7 to 12 the opportunity to complete their homework and study in a supervised environment at the College. The Extended Day study time is held in the library with a teacher. There are two distinct sessions for girls to attend. The first being 3:30pm to 6:00pm the second session, 4:30pm to 6:00pm is for students who attend co-curricular sport.

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