Your participation provides a forum for exchanging ideas and contributes to discussions that shape your daughter’s experience at St Vincent’s College. Parents can cultivate their partnership with the school by forging links with other parents and College staff.

One of the major initiatives of the Association is the annual Spring Fair.

Upcoming Events and Meetings

The P&F meet once per term. Meetings are held on Zoom at 6:30pm.

For more information on getting involved with the P&F please contact our Community and Alumnae Relations Manager, Renee Payne.

Dates for 2021:

  • Tuesday, 23 February (6:30pm) - Meeting
  • Tuesday, 11 May (6:30pm) - Meeting
  • Tuesday, 3 August (6:15pm) - Meeting
  • Tuesday, 2 November (6:30pm) - Meeting

The Fathering Project

The College has teamed up with the National Fathering Project and the P&F to relaunch our Fathering Project. The Fathering Project in Schools is about supporting fathers and staff to build our community of positively engaged families – for the benefit of the kids. St Vincent's College would like to invite all fathers and significant father figures to be a part of the Fathering Project. For further information or register your interest. Read More

Fathering Daughter Sleepout