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St Vincent’s College COVID-19 Agile Learning - The Foxford Program

As our staff and students have responded to the challenges of the social isolation and distancing required during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was clear new models of learning were required. Some were calling this new method remote, others agile, others online and others distance education. Our Principal, Mrs Anne Fry, thought it important to have a common name for this platform and it was to our rich tradition she went to for inspiration.

In the annals of the history of the Sisters of Charity one of the most revered is the Story of Foxford. It is the story of how the Sisters responded to a period of devastating social and economic conditions, and how they responded with innovation, ingenuity and at all times provided a sense of community and hopefulness. The term “extensively useful” was used to describe the methodology they used of trying to meet the unprecedented needs of the residents of Foxford.