We recognise students as individuals and encourage exploration of their unique expression outside the realms of the traditional classroom. Our students enjoy the benefits of an exciting and extensive co-curricular programme that caters to their diverse talents and interests nurturing mind, body and spirit to build individual confidence and self-esteem.

Pastoral Care at St Vincent’s College is centred on the Tutor system which involves small vertically structured groups each under the care of a dedicated staff member offering encouragement and guidance to the students. The depth of communication between the varying year levels is further enhanced by the community nature of the Tutor system as well as the variety of peer support networks in the College.

The College House system builds on the strengths of the Tutor Group and uses the vertical house as the unit around which all the pastoral and administrative functions will revolve.

With a strong community focus the College ensures parents and carers of the students are valued partners, assisting and complementing the pastoral care and education of their daughters.

The College ensures the emotional and physical needs of the students are met by employing a full-time College Nurse and Counsellor.

Annual camps are enjoyed by students in Years 7 to 10 with senior students undertaking retreats that strengthen their relationship with God and friends.

Mrs Elizabeth Brooks
Deputy Principal, Pastoral Care

House System