We know that learning happens everywhere and that high school is only the beginning of students’ lifelong learning. The LRC staff work with teachers to develop students’ skills and ability to become independent learners who will thrive in a knowledge society. There is nothing to whet students’ appetite for learning like opportunities to follow personal interests and good fun. That’s why we organise many activities to extend students’ interests, develop a love of reading and simply enhance their enjoyment of school life outside class.

We provide a collection of books, periodicals and electronic resources for a range of educational and recreational needs. Click here to access our electronic resources and guides. Most of our electronic resources, including the library catalogue Infiniti, can be accessed from school and home on any device.

The Learning Resource Centre welcomes you to our website, which will give you an overview of our services, activities and proud achievements.

Services for Students

Opening hours

Mon-Thurs: 7.45am - 5pm

Fri: 7.45am - 4.00pm

You can get in touch with us at other times by emailing library@stvincents.nsw.edu.au.

During opening hours, students can:

  • use the library collection
  • study
  • borrow laptops and library materials
  • print
  • book the Seminar Room for group work
  • ask library staff for help
  • participate in our activities through clubs and special events

Students, we can help you individually or in groups to:

  • find suitable resources
  • improve your research and writing (including referencing)
  • organise your school work
  • improve study skills (e.g. note taking, revising)
  • organise guided reading groups