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Vinnies Voices

Vinnies Voices is a podcast hosted by Natarsha Belling (Class of 1992) showcasing inspirational and courageous Alumnae. Come on the journey as they share with us their secrets to success, life advice and their time at Vinnies

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Keeping the connection with our ex-students and friends of the College is vital to nourishing our community and is a large part of why the Vinnies spirit is so special. Are you an ex-student? Then please stay in touch. We appreciate you taking the time to update your contact details for the College ex-Student records.

Our community is at the heart and strength of our College and our ex-students play an important part. The College is blessed to have a strong and active Ex-Students' Union who continue to work closely with the College and the fellowship of ex-students.

Ex-students are always warmly welcomed back to the College, if you would like to visit or organise a reunion tour then please get in touch. Or if you would like to find out more about getting involved with the College, volunteering your time and making a donation please contact the College's Advancement Office.


As you know, COVID-19 has disrupted events across Australia and globally throughout 2020 and 2021. Unfortunately, events planned by St Vincent's College and the Ex-Students' Union are no exception. We will do our best subject to Government restrictions and COVID-safe practices to hold all reunions normally scheduled for 2022, plus catch-up (+2) reunions for the year groups who missed out in 2020 and 2021.

50 year reunion - Class of 1972 - Rosemary Mallam (Dickson)
50 (+1) year reunion - Class of 1971 - Susan Malouf - 21 May 2022
50 (+2) year reunion - Class of 1970 - Frances Foley 9 February 2022 via zoom
40 year reunion - Class of 1982 - Christine Raeside (Chapman)
40 (+1) year reunion - Class of 1981
40 (+2) year reunion - Class of 1980 - Anne Gemmell (Beach), Kathy Burreston & Margaret Dixon
30 year reunion - Class of 1992 - Siobhann Roberts-Thomson (Heidenreich) - 19 November 2022
30 (+1) year reunion Class of 1991 - Katie-Mae Crosby - 9 April 2022
30 (+2) year reunion Class of 1990 - Nicole Polich
25 year reunion Class of 1996 - Joanna Nash - TBC
20 year reunion - Class of 2002
20 (+1) year reunion - Class of 2001 - Laura Christi
20 (+2) year reunion - Class of 2000 - Kate Weston
10 year reunion - Class of 2012 - Sarita O'Sullivan  - 29 October 2022
10 (+1) year reunion - Class of 2011 - Stephanie Boatswain - 7 May 2022
10 (+2) year reunion - Class of 2010 - Helen Rutherford - 19 March 2022
5 year reunion - Class of 2017
5 (+1) year reunion - Class of 2016 - Brigid McManus and Prue Gordon - 5 March 2022
5 (+2) year reunion - Class of 2015 - Phoebe Haylen - 21 May 2022

Ex-Students' Union Vincentian Mass and Afternoon Tea: 2021 postponed until Sunday, 6 November 2022 (1:30pm-3:30pm).

If your class reunion is approaching, we would still love to hear from you! Help us to ensure that we reach as many people as possible and to plan an event that will be an enjoyable opportunity to catch up and reconnect with your fellow classmates.

For enquiries regarding alumnae reunions please contact The Advancement Office community@stvincents.nsw.edu.au.


Our Archives are a treasured part of our St Vincent’s College story, providing current students and visitors to the school with an appreciation of the history and traditions of the College.

We are fortunate to have uniforms, mementos, school reports and more from our alumnae.

We are always grateful to receive historical items to add to the existing collection and for future display. Arrangements for the donation of archival items and general enquiries can be made by contacting community@stvincents.nsw.edu.au or calling 02 9358 5398.

Further Information:

The Advancement Office acts as a point of contact and liaison between the College and ex-students and supports the work of the St Vincent's College Ex-Students' Union.

Phone: 02 9358 5398

Keep up-to-date with news from the SVC Ex-Students' Union by visiting and joining the Ex-Students' Facebook and LinkedIn groups.

Alumnae Contact Update

We would love to keep in touch with our St Vincent's College alumnae - please help us keep your contact details up-to-date by completing this form.

This information will be maintained carefully by the College and the Ex-Students' Union in accordance with the College's Privacy Policy.


The Vincentia newsletter is put together with the latest information on and from the ex-students of St Vincent's College. Vincentia is published as part of the College's publication Scientia cum Religione.

All members of the Ex-students' Union are entitled to receive each issue Scientia cum Religione.

For more information please email community@stvincents.nsw.edu.au