Welcome to the virtual exhibition of the Year 12 Major Works. Every year the College is so very proud of our student artists and designers, and the Showcase of their work is an annual highlight. This year the circumstances created by COVID have not allowed us to open the exhibition to a broader audience than staff and students. It is therefore with great pleasure I invite you to enjoy this virtual tour of the work of emerging artists and designers. I am sure in the future you will see and enjoy their work in the great galleries of Australia but for now you can sit back and enjoy the work from the comfort and safety of your own home.

“2020” has long been associated with perfect vision, and one of those milestone years often featured in literature, or in metaphors. Even with that preparation I was not ready for this year and I do not think any of us will get through the year without some disruption to how we had seen, and will see, the world again. The role of artists and designers is to find patterns within the disruptions of human behaviour, offering new and innovative ways of moving forward and curating the signs of our times. In this exhibition I believe you will get a privileged glimpse of how the young women of St Vincent’s College have navigated their emotional and creative response to this extraordinary year.

It has been an interesting phenomenon across the world to see how many people turned to the visual and creative arts during “iso”. While most will have not reached the levels of accomplishment showcased in this exhibition, I know for many the immersion back into colour, texture and imagination was a welcome distraction from the angst of the year. As a College we have long understood the wonderful contribution that creativity plays in the holistic development and emotional health of young people. The ability to observe beauty in the most unexpected places is a gift and grace of God and is at the heart of Ignatian Spirituality and pedagogy.

In welcoming you to this exhibition, I would want to congratulate the wonderful, creative and talented students of the Class of 2020 and their equally talented, hardworking and highly professional teachers. Under the leadership of Mr Graeme Colman, the team of Mr Steven Taylor, Ms Emma Palmer, Ms Tanya Schneider, Mr Bob Anderson and Ms Priscilla Laliotis, have ensured that despite all the challenges of 2020, each student got the chance to bring her VISION to reality.

Enjoy the Show,

Anne Fry